Paternity Issues

Dealing With Paternity Issues

Resolving legal problems involving paternity requires sensitivity, knowledge and a willingness to explore all available options. At Hodgson Law Office, I help mothers and fathers with matters related to the paternity of their children.

Counseling Clients About The Test

I will counsel you on your paternity concerns. The first question from fathers is often, “Does it hurt?” They also wish to know whether the results are accurate. I can tell you that it doesn’t hurt — the test involves only a simple cheek swab — and that the results are almost always accurate.

Benefits Of Establishing Paternity In Washington

In addition to answering questions about the test, we’ll talk about why it is a good idea to establish paternity when the parents are not married. The reasons include:

  • A mother can seek child support from a father whose paternity has been established.
  • A father can seek visitation or even custody if he has been determined to be the father of a child.
  • A mother who has established the paternity of her child is eligible for state benefits.
  • A father can be determined to be a person with a legally recognized interest in the welfare of a child if he has established paternity.
  • A man can defend against a child support demand by establishing that he is not the father of a child.

Legal Assumptions

The court recognizes other determinations of paternity in addition to a DNA test. If the parents are married when a baby is born, the husband is assumed to be the father. If both parents sign an affidavit of paternity at the time of birth, the man is assumed to be the father.

How A Lawyer Can Help

I can help you determine the paternity of a child through a lawsuit. I can also help you defend against paternity actions and child support demands, or I can help you as you seek to become involved in your children’s lives by establishing paternity.

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