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Advocating For Your Interests In Spousal Support Issues

Spousal support — sometimes referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance — is a complex and often highly disputed matter in divorce cases. The law governing spousal support claims in Washington grants courts considerable discretion, so it is critical that you have a skilled spousal support lawyer if you believe that this may become an issue in your dissolution.

At Hodgson Law Office in Spokane, I have experience handling spousal support issues. If you are seeking a dissolution, I encourage you to contact me, Mark D. Hodgson. I have represented hundreds of clients in family law cases and have considerable experience in divorce cases involving spousal support claims.

Advocating For Your Interests In Spousal Support Issues

What Factors Are Used When Determining Spousal Support?

Spouses may agree on the issue of spousal support, but if they do not, it becomes a matter for the court. The court may order either spouse to pay support and may determine the amount and duration of the support order.

Spousal support under Washington law is provided as rehabilitative support. When determining the amount and duration of a spousal support order, a court will consider several factors, including:

  • - The financial resources of the spouse seeking support, including community property, separate property and child support he or she will receive as part of the dissolution
  • - The time a spouse seeking support requires to obtain an education or training appropriate for his or her “skill, interests, style of life and other attendant circumstances”
  • - The standard of living enjoyed by spouses during their marriage
  • - The length of the marriage
  • - The age, health, physical condition or emotional condition of the party seeking maintenance
  • - The financial obligations of the spouse seeking support
  • - The ability of the other spouse to pay support, while meeting his or her needs and financial obligations
  • - Other factors deemed appropriate by the court

It is essential that you have a skilled spousal support lawyer in your corner. You need an experienced Spokane spousal support attorney who will take time to examine the entire financial picture of both spouses and take into account future earning capacity, property division, child support, debts and other issues that will impact the respective security of both parties.

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As an experienced Spokane attorney, I will protect your rights and guide you through your case. You do not have to go through this alone, I will help you every step of the way.
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Reviews from Our Clients

I hired Mark Hodgson for a divorce in Spokane. He was open, friendly, and gave me great advice and counsel. Mark was honest with me about my case and worked hard to resolve all of my issues quickly. He responded to my phone calls and questions every time. He was WONDERFUL in my hearing and got me alimony, child support, and the parenting plan that my children needed. I had two other lawyers before Mark and he is far superior to my previous counsel. He fought hard for me and he knew the law. I would and will recommend him to everyone that i know.
These situations are never easy. Deciding to get a lawyer then choosing one was a very hard decision. I spoke to a few people that have been thru divorce and Mark’s name came up more than once. I went and met with him, his business partners and Casey his assistant. They were all friendly, professional and most importantly for me nonjudgmental. He is very educated on divorce with children and keeps in mind what is best for the kids! He answered my questions and didn’t make me feel belittled as other lawyers did. Thank you Mark Hodgson and team you are all very appreciated!
Called Mark Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. He got us in that Friday the day after Thanksgiving. We decided to hire him and he made the time to start the process of paperwork that Sunday. It was great he did this so my wife and I didn’t have to miss work and our case was a time sensitive issue. The few times I’ve had to emailed him he seem to get right back to us with answers.
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