Uncontested Divorce in Washington State

Help with Uncontested Divorce in Washington State

Spouses who wish to obtain an amicable divorce and who are able to reach an agreement regarding property division, child custody and other matters impacting the final terms of their divorce may benefit from an uncontested divorce. Even when spouses wish to obtain an uncontested divorce in Washington State, they should protect their rights by retaining an experienced family law attorney.

Why It Makes Sense To Hire An Attorney

All too often, spouses attempt to handle their own divorce only to find that they have not provided the court with sufficient legal documents necessary to obtain a divorce. In other cases, a divorce is granted, but one or both of the parties discover that the terms of their divorce have created unanticipated consequences they later regret. Having a knowledgeable divorce lawyer draft your legal documents and file them with the court is the best way to ensure that your dissolution proceeds efficiently through the court system and accurately reflects the agreement of the parties.

I am Mark D. Hodgson, a Spokane uncontested divorce attorney committed to providing experienced and highly personalized representation for men and women who wish to obtain a marital dissolution. I represent clients who are seeking an uncontested or contested dissolution. I have represented clients in hundreds of family law cases and am prepared to provide the sound advice and knowledgeable representation they require.

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