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Rosalind Weller

Rosalind Weller wants to be twenty places at once, and if anyone at MDH will likely succeed at doing so, it’s her. Within any given day, she can dote on her two sons, articulate client needs, manage attorneys, and meet hard deadlines. Her dedication to her work and belief in second chances and the potential of family law to reflect society’s better angels is a fearsome power Rosalind channels every day. She firmly believes that while some aspects of family law are painful and challenging, they can also be beautiful and rewarding. 

By title, Rosalind is a professional paralegal and the firm’s only LLLT (Limited License Legal Technician). An LLLT is the equivalent of a nurse practitioner in the medical field. She can, within her scope, assist those representing themselves in family law issues who are unable to afford an attorney. She takes great pride in her work and ability to cater to her clients’ needs and to meet them exactly where they are in life’s journey. An accurate description of her role is as follows: a juggler who balances the weight of people’s emotions with the paperwork and demands of the justice system. Rosalind brings much-needed levity to the role while infusing her own personality and perspective on family law with grace, humility, and professionalism.


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