Unique Visitation Issues

Resolving Unique Visitation Issues

It is often in a child’s best interests for his or her parents to both remain active participants in his or her life. This is why Washington favors visitation agreements that allow mothers and fathers to continue playing an integral role in a child’s upbringing. The exception, of course, is that a court will avoid awarding visitation rights to a parent who might pose a threat to a child’s mental or physical health.

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I have advocated on behalf of hundreds of clients in family law cases. I have experience handling cases involving complex issues that may affect the visitation rights of parents, including:

  • Child abuse, including physical, sexual or emotional abuse
  • False allegations of abuse
  • Domestic violence and false allegations of domestic violence
  • Parental relocation disputes
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Parental alienation (where one parent seeks to alienate a child from another parent)
  • Parental neglect
  • Lack of parental fitness
  • Violent or abusive forms of child discipline
  • Failure to obey a court order (e.g., failure to make child available for scheduled visitation)
  • Other matters impacting parental rights and the welfare of children

Issues Involving Children

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