Modifications Of Child Support

Assisting With Modifications Of Child Support

As with child custody orders, changes in circumstances and lifestyles can create the need for child support modifications. At Hodgson Law Office, I represent clients needing changes to support orders due to an ex-spouse’s career that has blossomed or suffered a severe setback.

When life changes, be proactive in modifying a child support order. You may be entitled to pay less or receive more. 

My office is in Spokane, and I represent clients in the surrounding area and throughout eastern Washington. Modifications are necessary when your income or expenses change. I have helped many clients with modification requests, including cases where one parent is self-employed and additional documentation is necessary to determine that parent’s income.

Providing Help To Modify Support Payments

In divorce and modification cases, ex-spouses often engage in bitter battles over how much support should be paid. In spite of the strict calculations based on income and expenses, disputes arise. However, mothers and fathers do not own the right to child support in Washington. Children have that right as the support is literally owed to them.

I help clients on both sides of the courtroom in pursuing or fighting child support modifications. I also communicate to mothers and fathers that child support is not money for them; it is meant to support their kids. Not paying support because of a job loss or outright refusal is a quick route to jail.

Child support modifications should be handled by an experienced lawyer in Spokane. I know what steps to take to protect your rights. I am dedicated to helping you through this process and making sure all documentation is in order.

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