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The outcome of your divorce will have a large impact on your life. The relationship you have with your child, spousal support payments, child support obligations and your share of the marital property are a few of the key issues that must be addressed before your divorce can be finalized. With so much at stake, you should have an experienced divorce lawyer in Spokane on your side throughout the divorce process to protect your rights and to ensure that you obtain the best outcome possible.

Guiding You Through Your Divorce

I am Mark D. Hodgson, and I am committed to helping men and women who are going through the difficult process of divorce. When you work with Hodgson Law Office in Spokane, you will get personalized advice tailored to your individual needs.

If retained to handle your case, I will take time to understand your concerns, your objectives and your needs. I work closely with all my clients to carefully advise them of their rights, provide candid advice, and provide highly accessible and responsive support.

I have experience representing clients throughout Washington in all types of family law matters. Whether you need help with a contested divorce, uncontested divorce or military divorce, I can help. I handle cases involving complex property division and complex matters impacting custody and visitation, including allegations of domestic violence, abuse and neglect; questions about parental fitness; and other matters that require the attention of an experienced divorce attorney.

Proactive Problem Solver And Skilled Divorce Lawyer in Spokane

Issues such as property division, child custody, visitation rights and alimony can invoke strong emotions during the divorce process. During my many years of experience, I have found that proactively addressing these key issues helps my clients avoid the stress and cost of litigation, as well as allows them to take ownership over the solutions. Through negotiations and mediation, I am able to safeguard my clients’ rights and develop creative solutions that position them for success post-divorce.

When it is in a client’s best interest to take a case to court, however, I am willing, prepared and highly capable of doing so. In fact, I prepare meticulously for the possibility of trial in each case. Thorough preparation is an aid both at trial and in negotiations and mediation.

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As an experienced Spokane attorney, I will protect your rights and guide you through your case. You do not have to go through this alone; I will help you every step of the way.

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