Spokane residents have probably heard that U.S. Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn is splitting from her husband of four years, Thomas Vonn.

According to a recent news report, she and her future ex-husband have said they would like to keep the dissolution proceedings private. It has not been reported whether this high asset divorce involves a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement of any kind in regard to the division of assets.

Lindsey Vonn has said she will continue to ski under her married name, but that she is terminating her professional ties to her soon to be ex-husband.

Thomas Vonn married then Lindsey Kildow in Deer Valley, Utah, in 2007. He quickly became an essential part of her growing career. He had a role as her manager, coach, adviser, and even her sports psychologist.

Lindsey Kildow was a very successful skier prior to her nuptials, but she achieved much of her fame and wealth as a Vonn.

Thomas Vonn, also an Olympic skier, met Lindsey Kildow when they both skied for the United States at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. They began dating each other one year later. Reportedly, Thomas Vonn ended his racing career shortly thereafter and changed his focus to Lindsey’s career. At this same time, Lindsey Vonn became estranged from her father.

In the years that followed, Lindsey Vonn became the top American female racer in history. She claimed three overall World Cup titles; won the women’s downhill gold medal at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver; took 42 World Cup wins and five World Cup championship medals.

Lindsey Vonn became known for often publicly credited her husband following her victories. These accomplishments on the slopes netted lucrative endorsements and international celebrity status for her.

Whether or not the couple has an agreement in place, they will likely now be tasked with dividing complex marital assets and estates. If they acquired things such as wealth or properties together during the marriage, they may encounter decisions on property division or spousal support, especially if there are any hotly contested issues.

Source: New York Times, “Vonn’s Divorce Will Also End a Skiing Partnership,” Bill Pennington, Nov. 29, 2011