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Mary E. Carter

Mary Carter is a Gonzaga Law honors graduate, military brat, and East Coast transplant. As the core of MDH Law’s writing department, Mary can often be found behind pages of legal research or in front of multiple screens having found herself, like Alice in Wonderland, at the bottom of some rabbit hole writing an extremely long sentence. 

Her pride and joy is her sweater collection, which is the thing she would run back into a burning building to grab. At approximately 2:30 pm she is predictably with a Diet Coke in hand. And, she is capable of conversing on topics from Hallmark movies to current events, both of which she is equally passionate about as evidenced by her empathic hand gestures. On the weekends, Mary is off running on the Centennial Trail as a long-distance runner having an internal monologue about pet outfits she sees along the way. Mary has no pets herself, but frets about keeping her plants alive and returning text messages on time.

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