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Briana Gieri

Briana Gieri is a proud Californian, born and raised. After receiving her Bachelor’s from Santa Clara University, she came to Washington for law school and graduated with honors from Gonzaga University. Of her many accomplishments, she was Editor of Gonzaga Law Review and interned at the Attorney General's Office. Now, she is a formidable litigator, coffee connoisseur, and mother of two with one more on the way. 

Never one to step down from an argument, Briana is a fierce advocate for her clients. A triple threat, Briana is an unflappable oral litigator, smart written advocate, and decisive mediator. With a sensational sense of humor, a strong sense of self, and a flash of leopard print, Briana knows exactly what her clients, children, and co-workers need even before they do. She is ready to break the ice with a great story, always has funny anecdotes prepared, and as the mother of toddlers, comes ready with adorable pictures whenever needed.

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