Third-Party Custody

Handling Third-Party Custody Cases

In many child custody cases, the biological parents do more harm than good in raising their children. Their parenting skills go against the best interests of their children. Third-party custody matters, while rife with emotion, require immediate action to protect children.

At Hodgson Law Office, I move quickly to provide protection from children victimized by abuse or dealing with a drug-addicted parent. That protection often comes in the form of a third-party custody arrangement involving grandparents or other close family members.

I am proactive in securing a grandparent custody arrangement and providing stability to children. 

Focused On The Children's Best Interests

Dropping off the kids with grandma and grandpa does not make a formal third-party custody arrangement. Even parents who acknowledge their shortcomings and personal issues still have the right to return and take their children back home. You need a formal third-party custody arrangement filed in court.

Following the legal process has benefits in addition to securing the safety of the children in your life. A third-party custody order also requires the biological parents to pay grandparents child support. The parents may absolve themselves of raising the children, but financial obligations still exist.

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