Modifications Of An Exisiting Parenting Plan

Making Changes To Parenting Plans

At Hodgson Law Office, I handle a high volume of parenting plan modification cases. An initial child custody agreement was established based on the children’s needs. Over time, the children age, as do their interests and activities. Soon, that formal order no longer applies.

Modifying parenting plans is a necessary step, whether you are responding to the needs of a child or protecting them from parental abuse or drug use. Keeping the status quo in a custody arrangement can have damaging consequences.

Focused On The Children's Best Interests

Many parenting plans are written when children are young, before school activities, friends and significant others became a part of their life. What was effective in the past is now an outdated custody model. I will revisit the parenting plan with you, strive to find agreement with your spouse, and continue to focus on your children’s rights and best interests.

Parenting plan modifications are also necessary when children live with a parent who is physically abusive or suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. A new parenting plan can provide protection and shield them from the dangerous behavior of their mother for father. In these cases, you need a parenting plan modification lawyer who is efficient and effective in filing motions in court.

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