Complex Child Support Issues

Handling Complex Child Support Issues

Complex child support issues can result in questions and heated disputes between parents. I founded Hodgson Law Office to help parents in Spokane and throughout eastern Washington understand how child support works and what options are available in their case.

Answering Your Questions About Child Support

As a parent involved in a child custody dispute, you may have many questions about how Washington’s child support guidelines apply to you:

  • Do I have to pay support on overtime pay?
  • What if I work more than one job?
  • What if my spouse refuses to pay child support despite a court order?

I can provide answers to these and other questions. I am an experienced lawyer who handles child support issues that arise during a divorce, paternity proceeding or child support modification proceedings.

I am committed to providing each of my clients with experienced, dedicated and cost-effective representation. I understand that child support disputes can be frustrating, especially if you are struggling financially and you feel that you are paying more than what is required by law or receiving less than what is mandated by law. Whether you need help establishing child support, modifying a child support order or enforcing a child support order, let me put my experience to work for you.

The Complex Issues Of Calculating Child Support

The state of Washington uses a formula by which it determines the appropriate amount of child support to award a custodial parent. The formula takes into account many factors, but despite its straightforwardness, many complex issues can arise, including:

  • Correctly calculating the income of a self-employed parent spouse
  • Accounting for special circumstances
  • Accounting for costs due to a child’s illness or a mental or physical impairment
  • Correctly calculating income for seasonal pay, bonus pay and other monetary uncertainties

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