Is Washington a Community Property State?

Community Property In Washington

Property division is a complex issue in many divorces. How your property and assets are divided can become a heated issue quickly. At Hodgson Law Office, I will help you navigate this process. Contact me if you’re asking, “Is Washington a Community Property State?”

I am Mark D. Hodgson, a dedicated family law attorney in Spokane. I understand property division guidelines in Washington, and I know how to protect your rights and best interests.

What To Know About Community Property

You should understand the property division process and how community property law will impact your divorce. Community property is when both spouses are considered to have contributed equally to the financial well-being of the marriage. Both spouses are entitled to 50 percent interest in property acquired during the marriage, but it is up to a judge to divide property as he or she determines to be fair.

Community property typically involves anything that was paid for with shared marital funds. This can include:

  • Houses or land
  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Cash and investments
  • Pension funds
  • Life insurance

Community property includes your assets and your liabilities. This means that marital debts will also be divided between spouses during property division.

Gifts, inheritances and property owned by a spouse before marriage are considered separate property and are not subject to the same rules as community property during divorce and property division.

It is important to understand community property before going into divorce negotiations. I will protect your rights and diligently prepare for your property division negotiations. An experienced lawyer on your side can ease your fears and make sure you are fully informed of your rights before finalizing your divorce decree.

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