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What Income Is Calculated for Spokane Child Support?


When a Spokane couple shares a child and is no longer together, one parent will likely have custody of the child and the other parent will have to pay child support. A frequent question that arises from both parents will surround how the amount to be paid will be determined. The state has certain standards that are used to decide how much the supporting parent should pay and this needs to be understood as the situation is settled.

The income of both parents will be taken into account when the court comes to a decision as to how much each parent will contribute to the upbringing and care of the child. The income of the parents of the child is all that is taken into account. Other people who might be involved in the situation — perhaps in a relationship with one of the parents — will not factor in. The income must be verified through tax returns from the prior two years. Paystubs will also be part of the process to study what the parents were being paid at work.

The gross monthly income of the parents will include: the salary each earns; wages they receive; commission if they are in sales; compensation that is received on a deferred basis; overtime, if any; benefits that are received as per a contractual agreement; income that accrues from other jobs; dividends from investments; interest on accounts; trusts; severance payments; annuities; capital gains; pensions; workers’ compensation benefits; unemployment; maintenance that is provided; Social Security; bonus payments; disability insurance; and income that might come from property owned, royalty payments, businesses and other avenues.

Other forms of income such as gifts and prizes that have been won and child support from another spouse are not part of the equation. Those who are concerned about how child support is determined need to know the facts and prepare for what they are going to have to pay. There are numerous variables that go into the amount awarded in the support agreement. Having an idea as to how much the monthly payments will be can help in preparing to keep up with them and not have any legal issues for missing payments or for the custodial parent to fail to receive what is owed. Discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced in child support issues is also important.

Source:, “Standards for determination of income,” accessed on March 24, 2015


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