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Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Washington


When most people picture the divorce process, they think of litigating everything in court; however, today there are other options for couples who wish to settle their divorce outside of the courtroom. One of the most popular alternatives today in Washington State is divorce mediation.

Our knowledgeable Washington divorce attorney at the Hodgson Law Office has the experience you need to successfully settle your divorce using this process. To learn more about the benefits of divorce mediation, contact our Spokane office today to schedule a case consultation.

How Divorce Mediation in Washington State Works

Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that takes place outside of the courtroom, typically in an office building. Each spouse retains their own divorce attorney, and the group meets with a neutral third party, known as the mediator. The mediator meets with each side to discuss the issues and preferred outcomes before helping each side reach a compromise on each.

One benefit of mediation is that the mediator can suggest solutions unique to your situation, as opposed to the court that often applies a boilerplate solution when a couple cannot agree on a matter. Once all the issues are settled, the mediator helps the attorneys draft a final divorce settlement, which is submitted to the court for final approval.

Privacy Throughout the Divorce in Washington State

One of the biggest benefits of mediation is the privacy that it provides for the couple. When litigating in open court, everything said and submitted goes on the record. This record can be requested and seen by the general public, which means that everything said and submitted becomes part of the public record.

Divorce mediation is completely confidential, which means that everything said, negotiated, and agreed upon remains private. Even if the mediation falls apart and the case must go back to court, nothing said during mediation can be used as evidence for or against either side.

Co-Parenting Made Easier in the Greater Spokane Metro Area

Another benefit of divorce mediation is that it can create a solid foundation for future co-parenting if the couple has a child. Traditional courtroom litigation pits each spouse against one another while mediation encourages communication and compromise on the issues. Communicating productively during mediation sets the stage for future amicable conversations when it comes to making decisions about the child’s upbringing, even if the parents are no longer married.

Divorce Mediation: Faster & Cheaper than a Traditional Divorce

One final benefit of divorce mediation is that the process is usually faster, and less expensive than a traditional courtroom divorce. Instead of being beholden to the court’s schedule, a couple can schedule mediation at a time that works best for them. Courtroom divorce can drag on for months or even years, whereas divorce mediation can resolve the case in much less time. This also usually means that the case is less expensive, as the couple is not paying the courtroom costs as well as paying for less time with their attorney.

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Are you interested in learning more about divorce mediation? Contact the experienced Spokane attorneys at the Hodgson Law Office today to schedule a case consultation.


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