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Gay Military Couples Have Marriage Recognized Nationwide


One issue that is frequently coming to the forefront in Spokane, Washington, and throughout the nation has to do with same-sex couples and how the changes to the United States laws are affecting them. Whereas in the past, Washington State recognized a domestic partnership, other states did not follow suit in granting same-sex partners recognition of their marriages. That, however, is now different with the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision that marriages between people of the same sex must be acknowledged across the country. For military couples, this is significant.

The decision by the Supreme Court that declared no state can legally refuse to accept a same-sex union that was performed in another state as valid has freed people across the nation to have marriage equality. Military couples in particular were affected by this. One man in the Army Reserves who was married in New York but lived in Tennessee now has his marriage recognized. It was, in fact, one of the cases the Court considered.

Same-sex couples face constant changes with the way their unions are treated. That can have to do with getting married, receiving benefits through the other spouse, ending the marriage, custody, support and other legal issues. Having legal help is imperative for same-sex partners to receive everything they are entitled to, based on their legal circumstances.

Like many states, Washington has a military presence. Those who are involved in a same-sex marriage were facing similar challenges that civilians were in having their unions treated equally. Unlike civilians, those in the military often do not have a choice as to where they are stationed, so the new law is beneficial to military couples. Those who are confronted with difficulties with a same-sex marriage and are seeking a resolution may want to explore their rights under the laws of Tennessee.


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