How to Manage a High Conflict Divorce

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While more couples are opting for amicable divorce options like mediation, some divorces are messy and full of conflict. If you believe that your divorce case will be a high conflict situation, there are steps that you can take to minimize the contention during your divorce. At the Hodgson Law Office in Spokane, our experienced divorce attorneys can help you manage a high conflict case and assist with all other aspects of your divorce. To learn more, call or contact our office today.

Be Prepared for Everything

The first step in managing a high conflict divorce is to be prepared for everything, and this starts with hiring a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Have a comprehensive conversation about every issue that may arise during your divorce and what your main priorities are for the settlement. High conflict divorces can often get messy, and sometimes a spouse will go as far as making false accusations of domestic abuse in order to secure a more favorable settlement. Provide your lawyer with as much evidence and documentation as possible to support or contradict any claims that may be made during contentious hearings. 

Let Your Lawyer Handle Communication 

The next step in handling high conflict divorce cases is to let your lawyer handle the communication with your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer. Do not engage in outside communication with your spouse, as this only provides additional opportunities for conflict. All negotiation and communication about your divorce should flow through the attorney in order to minimize the opportunities for fights and other conflict.

Develop a Comprehensive Parenting Plan 

If there are minor children involved in a high conflict divorce, developing a comprehensive parenting plan can go a long way in minimizing problems. A thorough parenting plan can address all the specific needs and issues for your unique family, which can include creating a custody and visitation schedule, drop off and pick up points, how to handle parenting decisions, and more. Once a comprehensive parenting plan is in place, it is critical that you do not deviate from it. Your spouse can use every request for a change or alteration in the plan as ammunition for conflict.

Do Not Speak Poorly of Your Spouse 

Finally, do not speak poorly of your spouse in front of anyone during the divorce. This is often the most difficult issue in a high conflict divorce, as emotions are running high and you may want to bad mouth your spouse to others. It is important that you do not say anything bad about your spouse while the divorce is ongoing to family, friends, on social media, and especially in front of your children. Any statements made could be used against you in court during contentious divorce issues.

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