There are several things divorcing parents should do to prepare before they tell their children that they are ending their marriage.

For couples in Washington ending their marriage, the divorce process can be emotionally trying. However, the emotional difficulties couples experience during the divorce process are often heightened if children are involved. Before the divorce process commences and a child custody plan is arranged, there are several things parents should do to prepare as they get ready to tell their children that they will be dissolving their marriage.

Preparing for the conversation

According to The Huffington Post, divorcing parents should work together and write down what they will say to their children during the conversation. Additionally, parents should plan on:

  • Scheduling a time to tell their children about their divorce that is free from distractions and provides plenty of time for their children to ask questions and react to what they just heard
  • Telling their children that they are actually ending their marriage, and not just thinking about divorce
  • Carefully considering what they will tell their children based on how their children will interpret the news

Parents should remember that once they tell their children that they are getting divorced, the discussion is far from over. The Huffington Post states that it takes children a while to process what is occurring and that parents should be prepared to answer the same questions from their children over and over again.

Helping children cope

Parents who want the best for their children not only worry about telling their children about their divorce, but also feel concerned about how their children will cope with the entirety of the divorce process. To ease the effects of the divorce process on their children, WebMD suggests that parents should use a few simple strategies. For example, parents should avoid confiding in their children about disagreements with their ex-spouse or their concerns about money. Instead, they should rely on a therapist, friends or close family members to divulge the difficulties they are experiencing.

Additionally, parents should try to keep their children’s routines as consistent as possible. Parents should also wait as long as they can to introduce major changes into their children’s lives once they tell them that they are getting divorced. This may mean that parents have to put off moving to a new household or switching to a new job until their children are able to adapt to the idea of the divorce.

Seek legal assistance

Parents in Washington who decide to end their marriage often worry about how well their children will cope with their divorce as well as how the time they have to spend with their children will be affected. If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, speak with an attorney to determine what you can do to protect your children’s best interests.