Why Do Divorce Rates Increase At The End Of The Summer?

As summer comes to an end, many couples make the decision to end their marriage. A study by the University of Washington shows that divorce rates generally peak in August. Divorce attorneys often find that people who discussed divorce with them during the fall or spring months come back in August with the intent of moving forward with the plan.

There are many possible reasons for this end-of-summer divorce increase. Many couples make the mistake of thinking that the summer will give them a chance to get away from their problems and start over. However, once the summer ends, couples find that their problems are still there and that divorce is the only solution. People may even find someone new over the summer, encouraging them to proceed with the divorce.

Some Washington couples find that their problems take center stage over the summer. With the kids out of school there are often more chances for families to spend time together. While the busy school year may allow couples to brush their problems under the rug, quality time together forces them to face their issues head-on. Other couples may decide to divorce before the summer begins but choose to make some final memories together as a family before completely changing their lives.

For couples with older kids heading off to college, their newly empty nest may give them a chance to focus on their marriages. Some of these couples may find that the kids were the only thing keeping them together.

Finally, many couples find that divorcing in August gives them time to adjust to post-divorce life before the holiday season begins. This is particularly true for couples with children, who may need time to adjust before their first holiday season with a split family.

There are many reasons people choose to divorce in August. But whenever you choose to separate from your spouse, it may be best to consult with an attorney to get all your affairs in order and ensure that the divorce process goes as smoothly as possible.