Adele’s Impending Divorce May Cost Her Millions

During the wedding planning process, soon-to-be married couples may be reluctant to consider the very real possibility that their marriage will not work out. As a result, many people refuse to enter into a prenuptial agreement with their fiancé, thereby putting themselves at risk financially if the marriage goes south. Despite this risk, statistics show that only 5% of married couples have a prenup in place. The lack of a prenuptial agreement can be a costly mistake, particularly for high-earning spouses like pop superstar Adele.

It was recently revealed that Adele and husband Simon Konecki would be getting a divorce, but that the couple had reportedly not signed a prenuptial agreement when they married in 2011. If the couple chooses to file for divorce in California, they may have to split their assets evenly, meaning that Simon could get half of Adele’s earnings. California, like Washington, is a community property state, meaning that both spouses get an even share of the marital assets upon divorce.

Experts estimate that Adele’s divorce may involve a whopping $180 million in assets. The couple apparently owns a large amount of property in California and Simon’s business is based there. Simon, who was an investment banker but now runs a non-profit, may have about $1 million in the bank. Adele also allegedly transferred a California property worth over $650,000 to Simon.

Adele, however, is clearly the wealthier of the two spouses. She apparently owns various properties in London and in the U.S., each worth millions of dollars. She has also earned millions from album sales and touring. According to the U.K. Sunday Times’ “Rich List,” Adele was worth approximately $182 million as of May 2018. One expert suggested that if Adele claims that her talent is “genius,” Simon may not be able to claim half of everything.

High-earning couples can significantly benefit from having a prenuptial agreement, particularly in community property states. For more information, consult with a divorce attorney in the Spokane area.