Study Shows an Increase In Divorce Fillings At This Time of The Year

According to a study by sociologists at the University of Washington, we are right in the middle of divorce season. From January to March, once the holiday season has come and gone, many couples decide to file for divorce. The study revealed that the nationwide yearly divorce rate is 11.67 per 1000 married people over the age of 15. In our state, the divorce rate is slightly higher than the average at 12.06 per 1000 married people.

If in a state like Illinois and New York, one is generally less likely to get married, and the people that do get married are less likely to get divorced. However, the divorce rate is generally much higher in states where people are more likely to get married, such as Idaho and Arkansas.

Deciding to get a divorce is one of the most difficult decisions a couple has to make. Once the decision has been made, it is very important that both spouses make an effort to protect themselves financially and emotionally. Living as a single person post-divorce can be much more difficult without financial security.

Many people think that all divorces involve a lengthy court battle with both sides fighting over every single asset. However, many couples manage to divorce amicably with both sides compromising and working together. Couples here have an advantage in that Washington is one of the few community property states in the country. This generally that all marital property (property acquired during the marriage) will be split equally between the divorcing spouses. If one is planning for divorce, consult with a divorce attorney for more information.