Resolving child support issues with legal help

When a couple in Spokane and throughout the state shares a child but is no longer together, one of the most important aspects of caring for the child is child support. Child support is not a punishment against the parent who is paying it nor is it a gift to the parent who has custody. The intention of child support is to properly care for the child based on his or her needs and the means of the parents.

Even when decisions are made regarding child support and how much will be paid, there may be disagreements over various issues. Rather than taking the law into one’s own hands, the assistance of a legal professional may keep contentious problems from growing worse. It is important for parents to understand their rights under the law.

Calculating how much should be paid is key to determining how a person will be able to support him or herself while also making the required monthly payments for the child’s upkeep. If changes need to be made to the agreement, requesting child support modification may be an option. In some instances, if a parent is not paying what he or she should or if the money that is being paid isn’t utilized for the child’s care, then child support enforcement may need to get involved.

While the best case scenario has the couple coming to an agreement as to what’s best for the child and adhering to it, that doesn’t always happen. When there is a dispute over paternity or the parents were in a bitter battle over custody, some will take the step of trying to hurt the other parent through withholding child support or other tactics. This can only end badly. For parents who have custody and those who are paying child support, legal assistance may be a good investment. For help with a case, discussing the matter with a legal representative may be the first step to take.