Legal assistance with modifying a child support agreement

In Spokane, when a couple shares a child, the state takes the care of the child very seriously. This is why there are rules in place when it comes to child support. In some instances, however, there are reasons why one parent or the other would like to seek a modification to the support agreement. It could be a custodial parent who is being hit hard by an increase in the cost of living. It might be due to the supporting parent suffering from a drastic loss of income. Or there could be a number of other reasons as to why child support modification may be sought, either as a temporary or permanent arrangement.

Many might be under the impression that when a child support order is made that it cannot be changed. This is not the case. Whether the dispute between the parents was contentious or they amicably agreed to part ways and do whatever had to be done to ensure that the child is cared for appropriately, it’s not uncommon for there to be a desire on the part of one of the parents to have the support agreement adjusted. There are many examples as to why this would be the case.

Let’s say a parent receiving child support gets a promotion at work, and is bringing in a significantly higher income. The other parent may be paying a certain amount in child support and have a less lucrative job. The paying parent may believe it’s not fair to have to pay as much, since the receiving parent has seen a significant change in how much her or she earns. This is one example of why a person might look into the possibility of having a support agreement modified.

No matter why a supporting parent or custodial parent wants to request a change in the support agreement, it will certainly help to have legal advice on how to move forward. Attorney Mark D. Hodgson is experienced in child support modification cases, and has represented both clients who want to see an increase in child support and those who want to see a decrease in child support. In addition, learning more about Washington State law can be beneficial to a successful resolution to a child support modification request.