More Washington grandparents seeking legal custody of grandchildren

In the state of Washington and across the nation, child custody can be an extremely emotional issue to deal with. In most cases, determining custody of a child is a routine part of a marriage dissolution case involving children. However, the most important aspect of finding a custodial guardian for a child is considering the child’s best interests. In some cases, the biological parents may not be the best custodial guardians for the child.

In the United States, grandparents have become reliable and capable guardians of children whose parents are unable to fulfill the important obligation. Other than dissolution of marriage, there are other reasons why a grandparent may seek custody of their grandchildren. If the biological parent becomes incarcerated or has a substance abuse problem, the judge may consider granting custody to a responsible and loving grandparent.

If the grandparent is the primary caretaker of a child, it is important that they seek custody, guardianship or legal power of attorney. This allows the grandparent to make important decisions regarding the child’s medical care in the absence of the parent.

Grandparents who are seeking temporary custody may want to consider a guardianship rather than full custody. Guardianships are easier to terminate after the parent is able to regain control of their child. They are also granted in cases where an adult child suffers from severe disability, or mental retardation.

Matters of child custody and guardianship in Washington can become complicated. Partnering with an established family law attorney may be essential to your case. They can provide reliable legal counsel to those involved in a child custody battle.

Source: American News Report, “Child Custody Is Not Limited to Divorce in Fort Washington,” April 7, 2014.