Jermaine Jackson’s wages garnished for missing child support

Raising a child in Washington is expensive and it requires the help of both of a child’s parents. Housing costs, food costs, medical care, education expenses and child care all add up quickly when only one parent is footing the bill. In order to make sure children have all the financial support they need, Washington family law courts will usually order one parent to pay child support following the break-up of the parents’ relationship — whether that breakup was a divorce or not.

Child support is generally ordered in monthly payments based on the amount of money each of the parents make and the child’s expenses. If the parent doesn’t pay the child support that has been ordered, that parent can face serious court action, including wage garnishment.

Recently, the formerly famous singer Jermaine Jackson’s wages have been garnished for his failure to pay child support to his ex-wife. According to reports, Jackson owes his ex-wife $3,000 a month in child support. However, he supposedly fell behind on these payments.

Following reports that Jackson had purchased a $160,000 Ferrari, Jackson’s ex-wife asked a court to garnish his wages. The court agreed with his ex-wife and granted an order to withhold $3,750 from his wages.

Wage garnishment is only one of the possible consequences for not paying child support. Other punishments can include suspension of professional licenses, a driver’s license suspension and, in some cases, jail time.

Parents who are having a difficult time collecting child support should know that these options exist and they can help get their children the money they need and deserve. On the other hand, parents who are having a tough time meeting their child support obligations should know that there are ways — including modifications of child support — to lower the monthly obligation. By modifying a child support order, some parents can avoid these penalties.

Source: Rolling Out, “Jermaine Jackson forced to pay child support after buying $160,000 Ferrari,” Amir Shaw, Oct. 8, 2013