Allen Iverson’s ex-wife seeks $1.2 million in child custody

For many Spokane residents, child support payments can make the difference between financial stability versus financial distress. When a child support payment is missed or late, it can put a large amount of stress on a parent with custody, which in turn may negatively affect the child in the relationship. In cases where payments are missed or late, delinquent parents may be penalized.

In the ongoing legal custody battle between Tawanna Iverson and former NBA superstar Allen Iverson, Tawanna filed a request that the court have Iverson pay a $1.2 million lump sum in child support payments. Iverson has been ordered by the court to pay $8000 a month in child support for the couple’s five children. Tawanna has been in court numerous times because Iverson has been delinquent in payments. Most recently, a judge ordered Iverson to pay $40,000 in past due back child support. As a result of the delinquent tendencies, Tawanna is asking a judge to have Iverson pay a lump sum in order to avoid a similar situation. The request seeks that the judge order Iverson to pay the lump sum which would cover all support until 2026, when their youngest child is due to turn 18 years old. Tawanna wants the amount to be placed in a trust for the children. The court has yet to rule on the latest installment of the battle between the former spouses.

Determining child support payments is a very important function of the legal system. Ensuring that a child is properly taken care of is a top concern and priority of courts. Child support payments are typically determined after weighing a number of factors, including but not limited to living expenses, parents’ income, and the needs of each child.

Child support payments can make a huge difference in being able to support your child. If you have not been receiving payments, or they are frequently missed, you are entitled to receive those missed child support payments. An attorney can help evaluate your case as well as present the legal options available to you.

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