Dad caught in child support lie in Facebook picture

Spokane residents who have not received child support payments regularly or at all understand the emotional and financial toll the process can take. The initial belief that a court order will be followed can quickly be replaced by a sinking feeling when checking empty mail boxes, month after month. A parent can feel disappointment, anger or resentment; and with good reason. The money that they receive is critical for the upbringing of their child. Without the support, a parent may find themself in financial distress.

Particularly distressing is when a parent knows that the other parent has the means to pay, but is consciously deciding to disregard the payments. Recently, a man was charged with multiple felonies as a result of a series of pictures on Facebook. In the pictures, the man is depicted posing with large sums of cash. This is despite the man not making one child support payment in two years. After the District Attorney became suspicious about the man’s financial situation, the court requested the Facebook information from the man, which resulted in finding the pictures. Social media has become a prevalent tool for many attorneys, especially when incriminating photographs and statements are made.

If you have been granted a child support award, and the other parent is delinquent in making payments, there are a number of options available to you. Under the Child Support Enforcement Act, district attorneys can assist a parent collect payments. A district attorney may impose penalties upon the parent, including seizure of property, garnishment of wages, suspension of occupational, business or driver’s licenses or withholding tax refunds. As a final resort, a court can impose jail time, though it is usually only utilized in severe cases, as it is somewhat counter-productive.

Missed or unpaid child support payments can make life very difficult, and make balancing your checkbook near impossible. If you have a child support order, and the other parent has been delinquent, an attorney can help to evaluate your case and present the legal options available to you. Raising a child is challenging enough without financial stresses. It is important to remember there are many organizations available to help you collect your child support payments.

Source:, “If You Can’t Pay Child Support, Don’t Flash Your Cash on Facebook,” March 21, 2013